Wild Ones Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter

Connecting people and native plants for a healthy planet

Founded in January 2023 as a Seedling Chapter, Wild Ones Mid-Hudson Valley officially chartered one year later in February 2024. We promote native landscapes through education, advocacy, and collaborative action in New York’s Orange, Ulster, Dutchess, and Putnam counties.

National reach, local impact

Wild Ones is a grassroots organization with a national reach offering localized knowledge through the work of local chapters. We are a movement of people who are passionate about our mission and inspire others to support landscaping with native plants. 

Wild Ones currently has 86 Chapters and 31 Seedling Chapters in 34 states! To learn more about Wild Ones or to read the most recent annual report visit https://wildones.org/

Chapter Co-Founders’ Story

“I had been interested in native plants and their role in our local healthy ecology for several years…once I heard about the local chapters of Wild Ones, the idea of a community of people centered around native plants in the landscape immediately clicked.  I was lucky enough that Angela had already contacted Wild Ones about forming a chapter locally, so we met and forged ahead!”

Carlie Graves
Co-Founder, Wild Ones Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter

“For the last 20 years, native plants and natural landscaping have been a passion of mine. A few years ago I discovered Pollinator Pathways, a rapidly growing movement that offered an opportunity to reach and influence many more people about the need to use native plants and help pollinators. I helped launch a PollinatorPathway in southern Ulster County and worked with that group for a couple of years. Then I heard that Wild Ones, a native plant organization, operated through chapters. I quickly realized that a Wild Ones chapter would have a much broader and more effective reach than a Pollinator Pathway group and contacted Wild Ones about starting a chapter in my region. Wild Ones put me in touch with Carlie Graves who was also interested in starting a chapter and we decided to join forces.”

Angela Sisson
Co-Founder, Wild Ones Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter

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